Article welcoming The Cigar Guys to Giftrevent.com

I discovered this while attempting to perform SEO services on our website.  For those of you wondering what that stands for, it’s Search Engine Optimization… which is a term made up by 15 year olds to make us 50 year olds think we have completely lost our minds.  They expect us to give in and pay them $500 a month so they can sit in their room in their boxer briefs, eating Hot Pockets and typing with one hand on their laptops.  While they watch a movie, play God of War on their NEW Playstation 4 and laugh that you and I still have to work 40 hours a week!  But I digress.  Please click the link and check out the article. 

Most flattering.  My compliments to the author!

Tony of The Cigar Guys


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