About The Cigar Guys!

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Founded by Tony Wilson (l) and Alex Lukoff (r), The Cigar Guys host monthly cigar events at local cigar friendly venues.  These include restaurants, clubs, and cigar shops just to name a few.  The Cigar GuysUsually casual events, The Cigar Guys target professionals who desire to meet and network with other professionals while enjoying good cigars and great people.  

Some of our events include cigar tastings, networking events, poker tournaments, wine tastings and dinners.

Check the site monthly for upcoming events and functions.  You can also subscribe to our sites rss feed so you are alerted by email when the site is updated with a new event!  Just click on the “subscribe to this feed” link on the left side of the site!

If you have any questions or would like to be added to our monthly evite list you may reach Alex at alex@thecigarguys.net or Tony at tony@thecigarguys.net.

2 thoughts on “About The Cigar Guys!

  1. Ryan says:

    Do you guys know if the OC Cigar Lounge is still open? I can find no Yellow Pages listing for them, and it appears per Google Streetmaps and the Yellow Pages that 2470 Newport Bl. is the now the home of Beach Auto Sound. If they are open (O.C. Cigar Lounge), if you could provide a phone # that would be great I would like to go there.



    • Alex says:

      Hey Ryan,

      They occupy what used to be Beach Auto Sound, so that’s the confusion there. They are at 2470 Newport Blvd., on the East side of the street. 949-548-1400.

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