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I discovered this while attempting to perform SEO services on our website.  For those of you wondering what that stands for, it’s Search Engine Optimization… which is a term made up by 15 year olds to make us 50 year olds think we have completely lost our minds.  They expect us to give in and pay them $500 a month so they can sit in their room in their boxer briefs, eating Hot Pockets and typing with one hand on their laptops.  While they watch a movie, play God of War on their NEW Playstation 4 and laugh that you and I still have to work 40 hours a week!  But I digress.  Please click the link and check out the article. 

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Tony of The Cigar Guys


70% of our clients are non-cigar smokers. We are paid to encourage people to smoke.

Did you know that The Cigar Guys – Cigar Catering, Events and Live Cigar Rollers & Cigar Bars (www.thecigarguys.net) encounter over 100 new cigar smokers every week? Most of our clients are private or corporate events where the majority of the crowd are non-cigar smokers. We are paid to be there encouraging people to try it. 70% of our clients are NEW cigar smokers. We are cigar ambassadors introducing the love of cigars to the masses. The more cigar smokers there are, the more constitutes there are to stop stupid unfair legislature against premium cigars. We turn non-smoking parties into SMOKIN’ PARTIES”! (and they actually pay us to do it!)

You too can make money cutting, lighting & smoking cigars and promoting this great hobby, just like we do at every event!

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Puffer’s Paradise – (Some of the early musings of The Cigar Guys)

Where is heaven?  Is it Valhalla- an endless, brutal all-encompassing war?  Or angelic boredom surrounded by cherubim and harps?

cigars and cigarsOr something more like what Harry McClintock theorized- On the birds and the bees and the cigarette trees / Where the lemonade springs where the bluebird sings / In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

I’ve always felt that happiness is where you find it, and good times are all around if you keep your eyes open.  It’s all a matter of mindset and expectation.  If you can take life as it comes, one step at a time, you’ll generally enjoy yourself.  Of course, you’ll have a very different good time in Kearney, Nebraska as you will in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has undergone a renaissance in the last 10 years, metamorphosing from “Sin City” to a family-friendly Disney-in-the-desert, and back to “What happens in Vegas”.  Of course, we know the real truth of the town.

As Nicky Santoro once said, “What do you think we’re doing out here in the desert, anyway?”  The answer?  Money.

So, how does one go to Vegas and make it home with your life savings intact?  There are three options.  1:  Win.  Improbable, but not impossible.  2:  Know your limits.  Have a set gambling budget, and stick to it.  If you’re up, quit, and don’t throw good money after bad.  And 3:  Don’t play.  My personal favorite.

How do I go to Las Vegas and not gamble?  It’s a matter of foresight.  I know that if I lay $200 down on the blackjack table and double it, I’ll be pleased.  If I lose it, I’m mildly disappointed.  For me, the real heartbreak will be hours later, when I’m staring at a new DuPont, or a 5-star menu, or a BBMF, and think “If I hadn’t lost those two bills at Flamingo, I could buy that.”  Torture!

So what do you do if you don’t gamble?  Relax!  Relish your anonymity.  Smoke and drink at Napoleon’s.  People watch at the Paris Café.  Walk up and down The Strip and see the construction.  Or, just post up at your favorite Sports Book with a few friends and watch the ponies.  Something’s always on.

My ideal trip includes dinner at Bouchon, sun at the pool, cigars and Caipirinhas at Casa Fuente, people watching at O’Shea’s and Fremont St., and kicking it with the High Rollers at the Wynn.  But, to each his own.  If you don’t belly up to the craps table, I can’t watch you lose.

Schadenfreude reigns!

Cigar Life

“It’s All in the Details” by Alex Lukoff

As I sit here tonight, writing this, I’m struck by how my cigar and accessory-du-jour seem to… somehow… fit. At the moment, I have a Padilla 1932 (thanks, Pablo), a plastic cutter and Zippo Blue lighter. But why?

Like many cigar smokers, I have a lot of different lighters and cutters at home. My collection ranges from a $200 limited edition DuPont X-Tend to an $8 Nibo pipe lighter. And a ton of cutters from different cigar companies, lounges, etc. So why these accessories and this cigar tonight?

I feel relaxed, in my sheepskin loafers, shorts and T-shirt, and my lighter is scratched and durable. Kind of fits, doesn’t it?

So what came first? I always pair my accessories with the occasion, but sometimes I find it goes the other way. Even in flip-flops and a tank top I’ll feel more elegant if I use a wooden match than a Colibri.

That’s the beauty of cigars- you can craft your look to match your mood. Wearing a suit and smoking a lancero? It fits. Or a summer afternoon with a Coors Light, a Kuba Kuba and a dirty joke. Perfect.

And maybe that’s part of the shame that the general public’s perception of cigars being for the CEO cutting deals in a dark boardroom, or the millionaire playboy on the golf course. Cigars are for everyone at anytime- you just have to pair them correctly.

Cigar Life

“Giving by Receiving” by Alex Lukoff

This morning, while sitting at my local coffee conglomerate, sipping my $3.50 cup of burned beans, something happened. Suddenly more aware of the joys that life had to offer, I was more sensitive to the whims of the universe.

Somewhere in Mongolia a butterfly flapped its’ wings. I got a whiff of someone smoking a cigar.Alex with wine
I looked around- hipster over here, punk-rock girl over there, and then I saw him. 65 years old, grizzled, white goatee and a black shirt. With a cigar. I moistened my lips in preparation of my recitation of The Question, when the breath was sucked from my lungs.

On the table next to my soon-to-be-new-friend, was a box of cigars. Pardon- not a box of cigars. Cigars in a box. A 4-pack of Grocery Store Specials. Sadness crept back into my life.

I generally don’t smoke at 8:00am on work days, but had I been smoking, I would have done what comes naturally. I would have offered him a cigar. When traveling and smoking, I almost always have at least a half-dozen with me, which I use to bribe people in to speaking with me, and offer as reward for approaching me to ask The Question.

People are often overwhelmed with my generosity, but to me, it’s just a cigar. I have almost 200 in my humidor at home, and they have little monetary value to me as far as gift giving goes. I know I’ll always have more.

When offering a cigar, there is an etiquette to receiving it, most of which is natural to people. I always start by refusing, or saying “Really?”, as though I can’t believe my luck. Then, if I’m already smoking a cigar, I set it down and leave it out in the open for others to witness my new friend’s generosity. It stays visible.

The next part is the tricky part- you have to smoke it immediately, or after you finish the cigar you’re already working on. It was given to you to enjoy, not to hoard. I give cigars away to share my good times with others, not for them to take, squirrel away, and enjoy in the company of someone they prefer to me. It hurts my feelings, and I always get a little bummed out.

Luckily, I’m usually already smoking a better cigar than that which was taken from me, and my resentment fades like the smoke rings I offer to the heavens.


How to Spot Fake Cubans – Submitted by Ken Hughey (a cigar smoker from Redondo Beach, CA)


The Cigar Guys received the below comment from Ken who commented on the post, “My Trip to Mexico”.  We appreciated his insight so much we decided to turn it into a blog post! Thanks Ken!  Email me your mailing address and as a token of our appreciation we will send you a free Vector lighter!  Email me at tony@thecigarguys.net!

Below is Ken’s comments!

I would never attempt to buy Cohiba cigars in Mexico. Cohiba is one of most counterfeited Cubans out there. My experiences in Mexico buying authentic Cuban cigars has been with a chain called Habana Banana. They do not negotiate price. They know what they have. I purchased Vegas Robaina and Hoyo De Monterrey and they were definitely the real deal.

When purchasing in Mexico, you go the reputable dealers and know how to spot the fakes. If the dealer doesn’t let you open the box and examine both layers right off the bat, its time to leave. When you examine the cigars, you look at the color and color consistency of the cigars in the box. Check the cap.  Cuban cigars have a triple cap. Check the band and have sample bands to compare. When checking the band, observe how they’re glued. Its easy to see if the band has been heavily glued, which is a big indicator of being counterfeit.

One of the things, when trying to spot the fakes,  is the box exam. Is there a Habanos holograph on the top and proper authenticity seals as well such as a certificate? On the bottom, the stamp should be branded not inked and factory codes and dates should be clearly present.

I know how to spot the fakes but its taken years of practice and being duped once or twice to know.